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Reasonable Rug Cleaning in Shepherd’s Bush

Looking to get your precious and exotic Persian rugs cleaned or you have an area rug that needs some fiber maintenance? Then we are the cleaning service for you, as we’ve operated in the Shepherd’s Bush, West London region for more than 10 years now. Along with 50 professional detergents, we bring an unmatched professionalism and an eye for details that can guarantee the satisfactory results you are looking for.

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Benefits of Booking Rug Cleaners in Shepherd’s Bush W12

rug cleaning in Shepherds BushAs rugs require special attention with finer fibers and textiles, we have a specialized treatment system that allows for the safe care of rugs of all types and creeds. Rug cleaning can give you:

  • Spotless rugs every time
  • Fiber protection
  • Discoloration treatment
  • No grime, dust or allergens present
  • Toxin-free treatments

If you want to know more about our benefits, current prices and deals, call our 24/7 customer support team on 020 3746 8231 and acquire about these or any other benefits our service has.

Service information

As rugs can vary in size, fiber composition and model, we’ve devised several treatment methods that can cover all of the variables without causing harm to the strength of the rug.

Dry cleaning – is the preferred way to go about cleaning and treating water and heat sensitive rugs, such are made of natural textiles and fibers like silk, cotton and other known materials. Persian rugs are also carefully treated with this, since it does not use any heat or water to successfully remove stains, extract unpleasant smells and even treat discolorations. It is used in the treatment of greasy foot and water based stains as well as other industrial strength types.

Steam cleaning – is a very powerful tool to use against hard to remove spotting and staining. Its high pressure steam dispenser cuts right through all stain types, regardless of their difficulty level. The heat reacts with it, dislodging it from the fibers, making it possible to be removed via a powerful vacuum. The extracted grime is collected, along with 95% of the water used, in a container then disposed safely without harming the environment. There is a slight drying time that can be shortened with our air movers that you need to call for separately.

Booking Rug Cleaning in Shepherd's Bush W12

So, you’ve finally decided to book a good professional cleaning service? You can do that by calling us on 020 3746 8231 or by filling in the booking form located on the website. There is also the option of joining our instant chat system, operated by the same professional representatives at our 24/7 call center. Be sure to ask about our free quotes as well as all the current offers we have. Book today, don’t hesitate!