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A rating of our services

Reviewed by John Elder on May 31, 2015

These guys have a very fast time response. There was an accident right before my little one’s birthday and I needed it cleaned up straight away, I didn’t think that cleaning services worked during the weekends, let alone at 9pm in the evening, but you guys showed up prepared and ready to clean and you didn’t even charge me extra. An astonishing job, too!

A rating of our services

Reviewed by Katherine Woods on Apr 11, 2015

What I really liked about this service, is the attitude towards the client, I wasn’t just another customer to them. The client support team was really nice and addressed all the questions I had straight away. The cleaning crew came right on time and did their job perfectly, even move back the furniture, and at the end of all this I get a phone call asking if the service was ok. These people really do care, this is surprisingly unique in this business.

A rating of our services

Reviewed by Jason Burns on Apr 6, 2014

My dog did a ripe mess on my mother’s carpet, she was livid and I needed help. These guys came in, cleaned up the stain, removing the smell completely, as if it never happened. I don’t know how they did it, but they were in and out in less than 30 minutes. Really glad that this service has same day booking, so convenient for emergency cases, regardless of how ridiculous they might be.

A rating of our services

Reviewed by Andrea Adams on May 26, 2013

As a working parent time is of the essence, you rarely have time to do anything but work and look after your kids. This leaves little to no time for cleaning, meaning that things can get neglected and messy. I had a leftover stain from an accidental juice spill on a cotton wall-to-wall carpet, it simply didn’t want to come out. I looked for these guys and saw that they are one of the most recommended cleaning companies in the Shepherd’s Bush, West London region. They came in, extracted the stain without trace, and left within the hour. Fast and efficient, just the way I like it!

A rating of our services

Reviewed by Samuel S. on Sep 14, 2012

A very detailed cleaning, had some minor complaints, but nothing too major or concerning, maybe they had an off day. Still a great service and a great value for money!

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