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expert Curtain Cleaning in Shepherd’s Bush

We are the finest curtain cleaners in Shepherd’s Bush, West London and we can prove it. Curtains catch a lot of dust and can even accumulate unpleasant smells overtime, regular cleaning will take care of these problems and even protect against discolorations and colour dullness. Regularly scheduling our service will guarantee fresh smelling, stain-free curtains and protected textiles and fibers.

Benefits of Booking Curtain Cleaners in Shepherd’s Bush W12

curtain cleaners Shepherds BushWith a wide selection of treatments and detergents, we really can cover all curtain textile types and models. With such a flexible and inclusive service, you will enjoy not only spotless curtains and blinds, but also:

  • Toxin-free cleaning
  • Dust free curtains
  • No allergens and other irritants present
  • Full and absolute stain removal
  • Colour protection

Our primary goal is to give the best results possible, without harming you or your family. This is why we also use a line of bio-degradable detergents that have ingredients, specially picked for their anti-allergen properties.

Service information

Dry cleaning – as the name might suggest, this is a treatment that does not use any moisture, but rather utilizes the cleaning capabilities of a fine dust, specially made to stick to grime, spotting and even the toughest staining. This makes it easier to remove from the curtain’s fibers, without posing any threat to the textile’s quality. There is no risk of shrinkage and absolutely no drying time, perfect for the winter months or when in a hurry. This treatment is best on natural fibers such as cotton and silk as it has a gentler approach to them, working against all sorts of grease and food soiling.

Steam cleaning – is a rejuvenating procedure that works best on synthetic and woolen curtains and blinds. It utilizes a high pressure jet that dislodges stains, dust and grime from the fibers. A powerful hoover is used to draw out all of the excess moisture along with all unwanted residue left in the textile. This works miracles for color dullness and can even return the once forgotten shine of the textile. It is also effective in extracting unpleasant smells and odours from the textile, without even having to use detergents.

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Scheduling us is as easy as calling us on 020 3746 8231 or by filling out our booking form. While on the phone, be sure to acquire about our free price estimations, offers and current discounts. If you have questions, you can join our instant chat room where an expert will address all concerns you may have regarding our services, procedures and so forth. Book today and get your curtains professionally cleaned at reasonable prices.